Prometheus the Destroyer | Jason Jorjani & Gnostic Informant

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A deep dive on Philosophy VS Religion, from Plato's Dionysian core beneath his Noble Lies to Nietzsche's understanding of Prometheus as a mask of Dionysus and its relation to his gospel of the Superman.

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00:02:53 Leo Strauss & the problem religious faith poses for philosophy

00:05:04 Philosophy incapable of grasping the sacred Eros?

00:06:17 Rationality cannot overcome religion

00:07:19 The Founding Fathers as Platonists

00:08:44 Plato against Homer corrupting the youth

00:14:15 The danger of Aristotle as world controller

00:22:28 Why Nietzsche revered Heraclitus

00:27:12 Plato's Heraclitan world view

00:30:42 Heraclitus: Becoming VS Being & Interconnected Unity

00:35:48 Heraclitus's Fire = Quantum Potential

00:40:50 Creation & End of Days at the Exoteric Noble Lie

00:44:40 Why didn't Plato adopt Zoroastrianism?

00:48:04 Buddhism's answer to altered states of being.

00:52:56 Jungian Archetypes have no reality

00:58:42 Math cannot comprehend all phenomena in the cosmos

01:00:19 The plastic nature of the Laws of Physics

01:02:23 Plato: No Overarching principles outside of the Flux

01:04:38 Plato's contradictions of the Afterlife

01:12:52 How Plato tried to address Philosophy VS Religion

01:17:05 Nietzsche longing for the Superman

01:25:27 The Forms as a support structure for the Flux

01:30:15 Apollo and Dionysus resolved in Artemis

01:32:02 Nietzsche: Christianity led to European immune response

01:38:11 Nietzsche & the Last Man (The original NPC meme)

01:48:08 Are Plato & Nietzsche Globalists?

01:50:20 Socialist Neo-Feudalist elite working for a higher elite

01:53:58 Humanity's struggle of Philosophy VS Religion

01:56:04 Jung as a Gnostic

02:00:53 20 years till Singularity

02:02:06 Elon Musk is ridiculous

02:04:50 Singularity or Extinction

02:07:12 Nietzsche: War for the future of man is coming

02:13:57 Closing Remarks

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